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The Impact Of Video Games On The Brain

Research suggests a link between playing certain video games and improved decision-making abilities and cognitive flexibility. There is a noticeable difference between the brain structures of those who play Video games and do not play often. The Video game actually increases brain volume in areas responsible for motor skill control, memory formation, and strategic planning. Video games play a curative role in the treatment of various brain disorders and conditions potentially resulting from brain damage.

How Video games affect the brain

A study from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Charité University Institute of Medicine has revealed that playing real-time strategy games like Super Mario 64 can increase the brain’s gray matter. Gray matter is the layer of the brain, also known as the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex covers the outer part of the cerebellum and cerebellum. Gray matter was found to increase in the right hippocampus, right prefrontal cortex and cerebellum of those who played strategy-type games. The hippocampus is responsible for creating, organizing, and storing memories. It also matches emotions and senses such as smell and sound with memory. The Prefrontal cortex is located in the frontal lobe of the brain and is involved in functions such as decision making, problem solving, planning, voluntary novelization and impulse control. The cerebellum contains hundreds of millions of neurons that process data. It helps to control movement coordination, muscle tone, balance and equality Nov. These increases in gray matter improve cognitive function in certain brain regions.

Action games boost visual attention

Studies also show that playing certain video games can increase visual attention. A person’s level of visual attention is based on the brain’s ability to process relevant visual information and suppress unrelated information. In studies, video game enthusiasts consistently outperformed their non-gaming counterparts when doing jobs related to visual attention. It is worth noting that the type of video game played is an important factor in the development of visual attention. Games like Halo, which require quick response and split attention for visual information, increase visual attention, while other types of games do not. When action video games training was given to people who did not play Video games, there was an improvement in visual attention in these people. Action games have applications in military training and curative treatments for certain visual disorders.

Computer games reverse the negative effects of aging

Playing computer games is not only for children and young adults. Video games have been found to improve cognitive function in older adults. These cognitive improvements in memory and attention are not only beneficial, but permanent. Individuals aged 60 to 85 who trained with a 3-D video game specifically designed to improve cognitive performance outperformed individuals aged 20 to 30 who first played the game. Studies like this show that playing video games can reverse some of the cognitive decline associated with increased age.

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