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Spending A Lot Of Time On Social Media Can Trigger Depression

With the spread of social media platforms, people began to face the dangers of the virtual world. Depression symptoms begin to appear more frequently in young people who spend a lot of time on social media, and within 6 months the risk of developing depression increases. Research conducted at the University of Arkansas shows that young people who fail to limit social media face psychological depression.

Dr. In the study, led by Brian Primack, participants were divided into two groups and their use of social media was restricted for a certain period of time. The first group spent no more than 120 minutes a day on social media. Facebook, Instagram and more than 300 minutes a day spent on platforms such as. When compared between the two groups, people who spent more time on social media had a 2.8 times higher risk of developing depression within 6 months.

Social Media Has Improved A Lot
Social media platforms have undergone major changes from the first time they came out to the present day. At first, there were applications such as msn that only allowed people to chat with each other. Facebook and Instagram today, however, incorporate many functions such as communication, discussion, socializing, watching videos, listening to music, even shopping and starting a business. As such, the time people spend on social media can increase without realizing it.

Research is of great importance in explaining the link between social media use and depression. The study, which involved a large number of people, shows the impact of excessive social media use on our psychology.

Dr. Primack notes that this result is actually similar to an egg chicken paradox. There is a link between depression and social media use but which comes first? Do people turn to social media because they have depressive symptoms, or do social media use give rise to depressive symptoms? It’s hard to predict which one happened first. Maybe this duo is moving past each other and feeding each other. Researchers initially found that excessive social media use increased the risk of depression. But there was no change in the time people diagnosed with depression spent on social media.

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How Does Time Spent On Social Media Affect The Brain?
In 2018, Dr. Primack and his colleagues examined more than 1,000 people whose ages ranged from 18 to 30. A patient health questionnaire was applied to measure the symptoms of depression of these people, and their time spent on social media platforms was recorded. Participants were using numerous different social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and SnapChat. The participant population included a large number of people of different races, genders, education and income levels. The review also found that spending too much time on social media affected people mentally poorly and worsened the results in the patient health survey.

A doctor who works at the University of Pittsburgh Cesar Escobar-Viera notes that social media takes a lot of time. We go in and get lost. We don’t understand how time passes on social media. Maybe they’re designed to be that way. If time spent on social media platforms cannot be controlled, it can damage personal relationships. It can undermine an individual’s real-life goals and goals. Our perception of reality can also change when the reality of our life outside of the phone and computer melts into the social media Crucible. We have seen numerous examples of this. YouTubers, Instagram phenomena are on a different quest every day to gather more followers. There have even been people arrested for this.

21st century people getting more and more lonely. He also does not know how to make friends, and usually continues his life with a very limited social environment after graduating from college. In addition, the social isolation brought by the pandemic also led people to social media channels where they could communicate more comfortably. But caution needs to be exercised. If time spent on social media cannot be prevented, it can become difficult to connect in real life after a while. People who make a habit of talking without making eye contact after a continuous screen may not be able to capture an adequate level of communication in real life.


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