Memory Metal

This wire, made from an alloy called Nitinol, returns to its original state when it comes into contact with hot water.

The nitinol alloy used in many magic shows is derived from nickel-titanium. Although it is quite hard at high temperatures, increasing its flexibility as its temperature decreases is an important feature that makes the alloy special. The reason for this is that the atoms contained in NiTi are different in hot and cold environments. The presence of compounds in a covalent bond leads to the fact that they have different properties in Mechanical, Chemical and electrical terms. Thanks to the shape memory property of intermetallic compounds such as Nitinol, they are used in many areas that will be useful to humanity.

Intermetallic compound: these are compounds that occur between two or more elements that contain a different number of electrons in their outermost orbit according to their atomic structure.

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