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Health features supported by Apple Watch, iPhone and iOS

This year was staying healthy for all of us onceliklig in the early days of Apple; iPhone, Apple Watch and other third-party applications for iOS that allows you to easily see progress in one place by collecting data from health-based health applications, and has compiled more information about. In light of the detailed information presented below, you can also learn ways to monitor long-term changes in your health or examine daily details for many health measurements offered in a wide range.

1. Apple Watch can measure your cardio fitness level

Did you know that the Apple Watch can predict your cardio fitness level based on your movements throughout the day? VO2 max. or cardiorespiratory fitness shows the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. High VO2 max. their values mean higher levels of cardio fitness and endurance. You can find more information from here.

with iOS 14.3 in the new feature, the Apple Watch is now able to measure a wider range of cardio fitness levels, including low ranges that have required clinical testing in the past. You will soon be able to study your cardio fitness level based on your age and gender to find out which of the four December categories-high, above average, below average or low. In addition, thanks to notifications sent when your cardio fitness level drops, you will be able to have a little more motivation to move every day.

2. Aim for more sleep

We all know how important sleep is to our health. The Apple Watch and iPhone now help you achieve your sleep goals with referrals that will allow you to turn bedtime into a regular habit. The New relaxation feature allows you to create a customized routine before going to bed at a specific time. So you can listen to a sound pattern that allows you to relax easily, use your favorite meditation practice, or write your diary and get into bed on time. To set this feature, go to the Sleep section of the Health app, tap Start under Set sleep, and follow the on-screen commands.

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3. Meditate more in 2021

In addition to the breath app on the Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple Watch apps such as Meditopia, Ten Percent Happier Meditation, Calm and Shine help us focus our attention to where we are with the referrals they provide, and allow you to track how many mindfulness minutes you have recorded along with other information about your health by connecting directly with the Health app. Other Haika meditation practices can be found here.

4. Achieve your goals with Apple Watch

You don’t need to make radical changes to your lifestyle to boost your fitness levels in the New Year. You can start by moving a little more every day. If you have an Apple Watch, you’re most likely trying to shut down your rings. Keep in mind that you have the option to increase or decrease your movement, posture, and exercise goals to maintain motivation (learn how you can do it here) and set a goal of calories, duration, or distance each time you start a workout.

5. Track your menstrual cycle

the cycle tracking feature in your iPhone’s Health app allows you to record important information about your menstrual cycle and see predicted times for your next menstrual period and fertility. Easily record current menstrual period, bleeding, symptoms, ovulation test results and other data related to fertility monitoring. As with the rest of your health information, you can be sure that everything you save is encrypted on your device.

there is a new feature that comes with the iOS 14.3 update. By recording factors that may affect your menstrual cycle and fertility period, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the use of hormonal birth control, you will be able to adjust your estimates accordingly.

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You can discover other menstrual monitoring apps as well as other apps related to pregnancy and reproductive health here. Many of these apps can connect to the Health app with your permission. So you can see all your health data in one place.

6. Wash your hands for 20 seconds at a time

We can all keep hand washing a little short sometimes. But these days, it is more important than ever to wash your hands thoroughly for the necessary time. with watchOS 7, the Apple Watch can now automatically detect handwashing movements and sounds, and launches a 20-second countdown timer to keep washing your hands when you finish handwashing early. You can even arrange reminders to wash your hands when you get home.

7. Protect your hearing

These days, we may not be going to concerts or visiting noisy indoor areas of restaurants. But that doesn’t mean the volume levels in our headphones won’t affect our hearing in the long run. By visiting the hearing section of the Health app, you can easily check whether your headphone volume levels over the past seven days are in line with World Health Organization recommendations.

8. Medical identification can help you in emergencies

An easily created Medical ID can make a big difference in emergencies, allowing first responders to instantly access critical medical information, such as allergies and medical conditions, from the lock screen of your iPhone or from your Apple Watch.

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You can also specify your emergency contacts if you want. So when you use the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone or Apple Watch, a message is sent to close friends or family along with your location.

9. Review this bonus checklist

Visit the health checklist in the Health app to easily and in one place check that you’ve enabled medical identification, Emergency SOS, drop detection, and other important features on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can protect your heart health by turning on both irregular rhythm notifications and low and high heart rate notifications. When you enable these features, you allow the Apple Watch to investigate signs of irregularity by checking your heart rhythm in the background. When you receive a warning, you can immediately take action and take an electrocardiogram from your wrist with an ECG application, and then share this information with your doctor.

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