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Are We All Living In A Simulation?

In 2003, philosopher Nick Bostrum of Oxford University raised the possibility that we might be living in a computer simulation. Since then, the world’s leading physicists, futurists, science fiction writers and philosophers of everyone and everything in the cosmos are arguing about whether it was part of a giant computer game. Now let’s take a look at the views of those who advocate this idea and those who oppose it.

The most excited proponent of the idea is Elon Musk. South African-born American engineer, inventor, investor and entrepreneur, PayPal founder and Tesla Motors and SpaceX (original co-founder Musk, the speed of today’s development of video games by drawing attention to the inevitable will happen and impossible to distinguish from reality simulations, the probability of one in a billion people living in reality, he argues.

At the Isaac Asimov Memorial meeting last year, the world’s leading physicists, futurists, science fiction writers and philosophers debated whether everyone and everything in the cosmos is part of a giant computer game.

A script that evokes the movie Matrix

Although the idea that the universe is a simulation more evokes the script of the movie “Matrix”, This is actually a scientific assumption. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who moderated the meeting, said there was a 50 per cent chance we would have a program in someone else’s hard memory: “human and chimpanzee DNA is 98 per cent the same. But there is a huge difference between their intelligence. Somewhere far away, there may be a being whose intelligence is far superior to ours. Besides, we can look like magzups drooling from their mouths, making ridiculous noises. If so, everything in our lives is virtual reality that someone created to entertain themselves.”

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Simulation created by an advanced civilization

The simulation assumption is a popular argument put forward by philosopher Nick Bostrum of Oxford University in 2003. According to this assumption, members of an advanced civilization with computer capabilities that are too advanced to compare with today decide to develop a simulation of their ancestors. These beings also have the ability to produce a large number of such simulations. The majority of the minds contained in these simulations are virtual, not the minds of their original ancestors.

So, with a simple statistical account, it is very likely that we will also be one of these simulated minds. For example, the more we learn about the universe, the more we realize that the foundation of the universe is based on the laws of mathematics. Maybe it’s a function of the nature of the universe we live in. “If I were one of the characters in a computer game, I might discover over time how hard and mathematical the rules sit on it, ” says Max Tegmark, a cosmologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This, in turn, is a reflection of the computer code in which the game is written.”

But not everyone agrees with Musk. For example, Tyson says, “if you believe that information technologies are the only source that will solve all the problems, the simulation assumption is for you. In any case, this is the fashion of today. If you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail to you.”

“I find it difficult to understand why a number of brilliant scientists participate in the debate that the universe is a simulation. It amazes me that so many scientists even think this is an interesting question. I think the probability that this idea is correct is zero.”

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Anthropic principle

The fact that people exist is actually a mind-boggling phenomenon. The anthropic principle says: a life in the sense that we now know, that we know, will only be possible if the current conditions are fine-tuned; let one of these settings play a little “current life” will not be possible; in the simplest sense, everything must be in full adjustment for life to begin on earth. There must be a perfect distance between us and the sun; the composition of the atmosphere must be the perfect level for life; gravity must be strong enough. Although there are many planets with these conditions, life takes on an even deeper meaning when you expand your angle of view beyond Earth. If some cosmic factors, such as dark energy, were more powerful, life would most likely not exist here or elsewhere.

The anthropic principle asks: “why are these conditions so perfect for us?”

According to one of the explanations, these conditions are purposely in this state in order to give us life. In some laboratory experiments, all of the appropriate factors are constant conditions. These factors were only adapted to the universe and simulation was initiated. This allowed for existence, and our planet evolved into what it is today.

As a result, the people behind the simulation should not be human. Another entity ran this simulation and hid their existence from us. Maybe an alien life form knows how to interfere with a computer program and thus manage to make themselves invisible.

What kind of simulator?

Today’s computers are capable of processing huge data; simulations are the most intensive and productive jobs. Simulations analyze multiple variables using artificial intelligence and study the results. Some of the simulations are games. Some are programs that model real-life situations. The best example of these are simulations used for pilot training. Some of them are “history simulators”that mimic the way societies follow in real life over time.

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That’s how simulators work today. But computers are getting faster. Computing power has been doubling periodically for decades, and it is estimated that computers will be millions of times more powerful 50 years from now than they are today. If computers are strong enough, the history simulations they create will be so realistic that the self-aware beings inside them will not understand that they will be part of a program. An example of this is Harvard’s Odyssey supercomputer. The Odyssey was able to simulate 14 billion years in one month.

Experimental evidence

Although it seems unlikely to test existential assumptions, some scientists believe that they can experimentally prove that we live in a computer game. Physicist Zohreh Davoudi of MIT suggests that the unusual energy distributions between cosmic rays hitting Earth are proof of the simulation assumption. It’s harder to prove that the universe is real than it is to prove that it isn’t. Philosopher David Chalmers of New York University explains this challenge: “you can’t find any realistic evidence to prove that we don’t live in a simulation, because every clue we find will also be simulated.”

What’s out of the universe?

According to simulation theory, the answer to this could be: a supercomputer surrounded by advanced beings. But this could have an even more frantic response. The entities running this simulation can be virtual, just like us. The simulation can have multiple layers. As Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom put it, “The TransHuman beings who conduct our simulation may themselves be simulated beings, and their Creator may also be simulated beings.”

This is similar to this: you sit at the head of The” Sims “game; you continue to play until your characters create their own” Sims ” game. When it’s their Sims ‘ turn, they Program their own games and play their own games. In the meantime, you secretly continue to be part of a larger simulation.

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But the question is still unanswered: what exists outside the creator’s “real” universe? This question has been pushed so far into our lives that it is impossible to even think about it. But if simulation theory at least explains the limited size of our universe and what is happening outside it, it might be a good start to determine the nature of existence.

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