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Why Don’t Cats Make Them Like Themselves?

Your cat may be distancing itself from you and not endearing itself. Or you may have experienced moments when the cat you approached to love while walking down the road was afraid to contact you, like a friend you knew before but didn’t want to say hello to. It has been scientifically explained why some cats don’t like themselves or, so to speak, ‘make them cold’. And the differences in cats ‘ behavior toward humans were related to differences in their genomes.

So it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Evolution of wild cats towards domestication BC. In 9000 years, people’s transition from gatherer society to settled life begins with the discovery of Agriculture and animal husbandry.

People who produced more than they could consume stored their excess food and produced leftovers as a result of settled life. As a natural consequence of this, readily available food causes feral cats to interact with humans. As some cat species converge with humans over time, this love/affection for food agreement causes changes in the behavior-determining regions in the cat genome as a result of genetic transmission.

According to a scientific study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine on 6 species of Abyssinian cats and domestic cats, the characteristic changes of cats are explained through three genetic links. It has been observed that the genes of domestic cats have more mutations in the regions of suppression of aggression, memory creation, and learning from fear or reward.

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In summary, cats that interact with humans have increased their number in the cat population in their region as a result of their reproductive cycles with wild cats, and they have genetically inherited this Treaty of mutual relationship that they have established with humans.

A large head structure and physiologically more pronounced differences are observed in cats with dominant genes dating from wild cat ancestors than in the body.

If your cat has a genetic heritage far from domesticity, it will probably not fall for you to reward it, it will forget you in less time than domestic cats, and when it comes to aggressive rake blows, it will leave permanent scars on your body.

Don’t ever blame her for that.

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