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Why Are We Dreaming?

The dreams we see when we sleep sometimes cause us to wake up unhappy, and sometimes cause us not to want to wake up because it tastes like soap operas. Have you ever thought, Why are we dreaming? What signals does our subconscious give us?

Among the research conducted by scientists, dreams are among the most complex topics. After the studies, he studies many factors such as the psychological functioning of the brain at the time of sleep, neurological improvements and mood. Scientists working in the biological field study the neurological development of the brain, while in Psychological Science, many factors such as mood are considered. Although there are differences of opinion among scientists, they meet on one common point and argue that there is still a world full of unknowns.

Sometimes we see dreams that we see ourselves flying in the sky, sometimes being chased by monsters, people often see during a sleep cycle called REM sleep. REM sleep, also called Rapid Eye sleep, has many differences from other stages of sleep. During the light and deep sleep phase, brain activity slows down and the heartbeat remains stable. But in REM sleep, our brain continues to function at a level similar to that of our waking state. We are known to spend about 25% of our sleep during a night in the REM phase. After a series of sleep cycles, REM sleep, which is reached about 90 minutes after the start of sleep, takes an average of five minutes in the first place. During sleep, the brain reaches the REM cycle with a certain interval, while in the last quarter of sleep it is observed to extend up to 30 minutes. So as soon as we wake up, we have a chance to remember the dreams we saw in the last REM cycle.

During sleep, we spend a total of about 2 hours in a REM cycle. This gives us the time we dream in our sleep. Scientists are still working on why people sleep and need it. In addition, various discussions are also raised for dreams filled with unknowns. There are no results of studies on dreams that will make a point shot yet.But there are some theories developed about this issue. Some theories focus only on the physical process. In this case, Dreams called the emergence of brain activities should not be loaded with too much meaning. But in some theories, more different results appear because they focus on the psychological results of studies.

Many superhuman and mysterious meanings are also burdened with sleep and dreams, in which humanity has spent almost a third of its life throughout history. In ancient Greek mythology, sleep is believed to have been ruled by a goddess named’ Hypnos’. M.He. While he was influential in the decisions made in the 3000s, some dream analyses were even presented to the Roman Senate during the Roman period. In the evaluations made by Sigmund Freud, dreams are expressed as areas where people find opportunities to do things that they cannot do when they are awake. Carl Jung, on the other hand, theorizes that dreams are equivalent to thoughts that people have when they are awake. Freud and Jung put forward these theories in the Victorian Age.

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But today, many scientists are embracing the theory of a bridge between the psychological and neurological angles of dreams. Contemporary dream researchers observe both psychological and neurological functions. Some theories on the subject see dreams as a way to add new experiences to memory, regulating mood that becomes unstable due to emotional and traumatic events. Other theories describe dreaming as the brain gathers and regenerates itself after a long and active day of new knowledge. Some scientists think dreams are the brain’s response to stimuli collected during the day, while others argue that dreams are a response to external stimuli that occur during sleep.

As a result, there are still unsolved mysteries about dreams and sleep. At least not everything is fully understood until now. Because all that is known is still developing explanations of the situation as a theory. Maybe in the future we will be able to access enough information about our dreams and control them. Is that possible? Who knows…

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