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This Weird, Bone-Formed Asteroid Might Have Created Its Very Own Moons

Not every asteroids are made alike. Some, however, are to date from alike they have formally entered the road into wonderfully weird.

Such may be the situation to have an asteroid named Kleopatra, otherwise chilling out quite normally within the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. It includes two lobes, connected with a lengthy neck – a morphology which has earned it the nickname “dog bone asteroid”.


This unusual-searching space rock even has two small moons of their own – AlexHelios and CleoSelene, named following the kids of ancient Egypt’s famous Pharaoh, Nefertiti.

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We have been aware of this incredible space oddity for around 2 decades, but scientists have finally acquired probably the most detailed pictures of it we have seen yet. This really is helping us work out how Kleopatra created, and also the results claim that the moons were born from Kleopatra’s own material.

“Kleopatra is really a distinctive body within our Solar System,” stated astronomer Franck Marchis from the SETI Institute and also the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille in France.

“Science makes lots of progress because of the study of weird outliers. I believe Kleopatra is among individuals and understanding this complex, multiple asteroid system might help us find out more about our Solar System.”

In 2 studies printed in Astronomy &amp Astrophysics, astronomers used new images of Kleopatra to acquire a better group of measurement constraints for that asteroid, creating a new 3D model, and much more precisely defining the orbits of AlexHelios and CleoSelene.

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The job was conducted using observations acquired using the effective SPHERE instrument connected to the European Southern Observatory’s Large Telescope in Chile. As Kleopatra tumbled through space, they could obtain images from various angles.

Out of this, they could determine that Kleopatra is roughly 270 kilometers (168 miles) lengthy, and among its dumbbell lobes bigger compared to other, which the 2 are became a member of with a relatively thick neck. The recently described dimensions then permitted they to calculate Kleopatra’s volume.

kleomoons(ESO/Vernazza, Marchis et al./MISTRAL formula [ONERA/CNRS])

Above: Kleopatra with AlexHelios and CleoSelene.

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Another team, meanwhile, was trying to constrain the orbits of AlexHelios and CleoSelene. This will be significant, because orbits are restricted through the gravitational field they undertake, which will mean you get everyone within the system.

“This needed to be resolved, if the moons’ orbits were wrong, everything was wrong, such as the mass of Kleopatra,” described astronomer Miroslav Brož of Charles College in Czechia.

While using new observations coupled with mathematical modelling, they could describe the moons’ orbits having a greater-than-ever amount of precision. This permitted for any new calculation of Kleopatra’s mass: 2.97 x 1018 kilograms, considerably less than previous calculations, which produced 4.64 x 1018 kilograms.


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After you have the mass and the level of an item, you are able to calculate its density. While using outcomes of Brož and the team, Marchis and the colleagues then recalculated the density of Nefertiti. Presuming that Kleopatra is metal-wealthy, the asteroid’s density switched out to be really low.

This could inform us something about how exactly Kleopatra created. Low density shows that the asteroid is quite porous – a loose “boulders pile” of items of rock barely hanging together. Such boulders piles are believed to possess created when materials are flung from a parent or gaurdian body throughout a giant impact, progressively reassembling with time.

If it’s porous, Kleopatra is barely holding itself together. The asteroid includes a faster-than-average rotation duration of around 5.4 hrs. The period is simply about this side of stability were it to hurry up, the centripetal pressure would tear it apart.

This condition of critical rotation implies that effective gravity in the equator is low, and material in this area might be lifting from the asteroid.

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If this sounds like true, it provides us an idea concerning the formation of AlexHelios and CleoSelene. If materials are being ejected from Kleopatra, it might have coalesced in orbit, developing the moons – which makes them, indeed, the asteroid’s children.

The 2 papers happen to be printed in Astronomy &amp Astrophysics. They may be found here and here.


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