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The Rosenhan Experiment

You slept one night that is not different from other nights. You ask people where you are, but you cannot get an answer. You see people around you making strange strange movements and you are afraid. While your voice shouting about where this place is getting louder and louder, it starts to tremble as you feel the presence of “crazy crazy” moves next to you. While you are heading for the door, a blue apron comes from the door. You say yes, I got rid of it; probably somebody made a mistake and I came to such a place as a result of this, now you think everything will be resolved. You explain your problem to a person in a blue coat and sullen face, but it doesn’t even hear you. The person wearing the blue coat closes the door and leaves after injecting a few of the people who make “crazy crazy” movements around you. One of the madmen finally comes and communicates with you, saying you are like me, we are not really crazy but they blocked us here.

Isn’t it scary? Is there any possibility of such a thing happening? Could our expert and human caregivers make such a mistake?
What if any of our people is smart, what if our hero is a madman who actually thinks he is smart, if he goes to bed every night and lives every day as if it was the first day of his life?

We do not know these, because I did not write the rest of the story. But let’s examine an experiment that answers most of the questions we asked above, the Rosenhan experiment.

St. Elizabeths Hospital. One of the hospitals that diagnosed lying patients with schizophrenia in the Rosenhan experiment.

Smart or crazy?

David Rosenhan, American psychologist. His glory comes from the famous Rosenhan experiment. Eight people, including Rosenhan himself, applied to different hospitals in the United States in 1969 because of hearing “voices”. The group is exactly as follows:

  • Three psychologists
  • A psychiatrist
  • A student
  • A pedagogue
  • A housewife [ 19459006]
  • From a painter

7 people with schizophrenia are diagnosed with manic depressive psychosis. How could it be?

Washingtondaki St. Elizabeths Hastanesi. Rosenhan deneyinde yalancı hastalara şizofreni tanısı koyan hastanelerden biri.

St. Elizabeths Hospital. One of the hospitals that diagnosed lying patients with schizophrenia in the Rosenhan experiment.

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A nurse wrote about one of the note-taking participants in the experiment; “the patient is writing.” Rosenhan explains this situation as follows; “Given that the patient is still in the hospital, it can be inferred that he is experiencing some psychological difficulties. Considering that he is ill, he is constantly writing something, this must be a manifestation of this disorder. It may even be confused with the compulsive behaviors often associated with schizophrenia.”

If we want to increase the examples, we can give an example as follows: Someone who looks sick at home talked to the people we call blue uniforms; He said that he was good with his wife, that there were only occasional minor problems, and when his children misbehaved, he spanked their butts. When someone diagnosed with schizophrenia said these sentences, which normally had no problem, the following sentences were included in the patient’s evacuation report; “Attempts with his wife and children to control their own emotions resulted in outbursts of anger and children spanking their butt.”

Rosenhan explains this situation as follows: “The diagnoses are not based on the current status of pseudopatients. On the contrary, the diagnosis of the patient changed the way he looked at his situation. ”

What will surprise you even more: no doctor understood that the so-called patients were actually acting, but 35 patients understood and accused them of journalism.

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When the experiment was published, there was a great mobilization in the society. After the mobilization, there were different psychologists who opposed the experiment, but eventually the American Psychiatric Association made a change in the “ Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” . symptoms increased almost 2-3 times.

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