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Scientists Have Produced Socks That Will Destroy Foot Odor

Although the year 2020 is neither the future nor science fiction, technology continues to develop and advance in all areas. One of these technologies, nanotechnology, finds a solution to one of the most fragrant problems: the smell of feet.

Bad smell, which is already a problem in our country, often causes problems, especially with the smell of feet. Almost everyone thinks of someone when they call foot smell. The advice of scientists to those who want to solve this problem is socks dipped in zinc oxide nanoparticles.

Zinc oxide eliminates the causes of foot odor

According to the researchers, zinc oxide fabrics benefit in two different ways in preventing foot odor. The first is that it prevents the formation of a foot odor called Bromodosis. The other is that it blocks fungus-like bacteria called pitted keratolysis.

First developed by the Royal Thai Air Force, the socks were tested at Siriraj Hospital, owned by Mahidol University in Thailand. In the tests conducted, the antibacterial effect of zinc oxide was proven, and it was also found to be suitable for the human body. So this nanoparticle is ideal for clothes, especially socks.

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The study, which involved 148 students from the Naval Academy, featured foot odor and bacterial infections in the foot as complaints from the military. For example, 38.5% of new military students in Thailand complain of foot problems.

End the bad smell in the feet

Studies have revealed that those who wear socks covered in zinc oxide smell less foul than their feet. In addition, bad foot odor was observed to have a negative effect on overall quality of life.

Lead author of the study Dr. Puntawee Ongsri said in a press release that one of the problems he encountered most often when he was an army officer was foot infections. The doctor said he was doing a study to solve the fungal and bacterial infections experienced, and said they wanted to test their new inventions in real-life conditions.

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