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India’s Genetic Diversity Depends on Language, Not Geography

Recent explorations into the genetics of populations across the world showed that genetics differed between human populations around the world. Also, other findings indicate that differences between genetic diversity within populations, in particular, and between different geographical regions is even smaller. This implies that the relatively low genetic diversity in the Indo-Gangetic plains region reflects differences in language rather than geography. This is contrary to the long-held notion that different languages have led to low genetic diversity and that the spread of languages across geographical areas, such as between the Western and Eastern Mediterranean and Central Europe, may have caused genetic diversity to decrease. In contrast to this view, the high genetic diversity of the Indo-Gangetic plains indicates that the genetic diversity within that region is genetically very diverse.

Indo-Gangetic Plains, India: Discrimination is Discrimination

The low genetic diversity in the Indo-Gangetic plains reflects cultural and linguistic discrimination rather than geography. Also, some of the low genetic diversity of Indo-Gangetic plains populations may be explained by the low probability that an Indo-Gangetic plains ethnic group should have originated from a single group in western and eastern India. Further, in the western and eastern regions of India, the genetic diversity reflects a mixture of genetic patterns that show a diversity that is much greater than the one in the region that is currently known as the Indo-Gangetic plains.

The geographical area of the Indo-Gangetic plains, which is now called India, has many languages and their diversity represents the diversity of linguistic diversity. The languages in the Indo-Gangetic plains have been spread over quite a large geographic area, and diversity of the linguistic diversity in the Indo-Gangetic plains reflects this geographical pattern. This also reflects a cultural and geographical diversity in the region. Language diversity reflects diversity of culture and geography.

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