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Incredible Ice Age Visualization Uncannily Resembles ‘The Wall’ From Bet on Thrones

A sensational new video shows the enormous ice sheet that molded the Scottish landscape throughout the last ice age, and it appears as though something from Bet on Thrones

The show recreates the way the .6-mile-thick (1 kilometer) glacier would have looked atop the current-day town of Dundee. The glacier looms within the city such as the Bet on Thrones series’ immense ice Wall towers within the stronghold Castle Black.


Kieran Duncan, a lecturer in communication design in the College of Dundee in Scotland, produced the recording with Max Van Wyk de Vries, a glaciologist in the College of Minnesota.

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They incorporated the 571-feet-tall (174 meters) Dundee Law hill, a nearby Dundee landmark about as tall because the Washington Monument (555 ft, or 169 m tall), as one example of the glacier’s size. 

“Area of the film shows exactly what a 1 km ice sheet might have appeared as if on the top from the [Dundee] Law, and that i remember my thoughts being blown when Max first explained about this,” Duncan stated inside a statement.

“You hear figures like this, but it is only if you notice what that will have appeared as if with regards to something similar to what the law states, which towers over the city, that you will begin to conceive of precisely how massive this glacier was.”

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Glaciers covered Dundee and the majority of the Uk 20,000 years back, toward the finish from the last ice age (a couple of.six million to 11,700 years back). As Earth warmed up again about 15,000 years back, the glaciers retreated and created out features within the landscape, like the Dundee Law, based on the statement. 

Van Wyk de Vries made the decision for more information about Scotland’s past as he visited his girlfriend in Dundee last March and it was not able to visit home towards the U.S. as a result of COVID-19 lockdown. The pair started exploring Dundee and also the area for exercise.

animation of a 3km thick glacier over modern Dundee(Kieran J. Duncan)

Above: An extract in the video evaluating the peak from the glacier to modern-day Dundee.

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“That got me considering these lovely landscapes and just how these were created through the flowing ice,” Van Wyk de Vries stated. 


To locate information regarding the glacier, he scanned scientific papers, local data, and ice models. Also, he checked out satellite pictures of modern-day glaciers in Greenland.

Van Wyk de Vries then received public engagement funding in the British Society for Geomorphology and partnered with Duncan to visualise his work. 

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The Three-minute film uses animated visualization techniques, filmed footage, and time-lapse video to create the traditional glacier to existence over Dundee.

It had been released online on Sept. 6 and is part of the “Some time and Tide” exhibition in the McManus: Dundee’s Gallery and Museum until March. 3.

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