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Exercising in the Cold Can Burn 3X More Fat, According to New Research

According to a recent scientific study, sports activities in cold weather can burn fat three times than activities performed in normal temperatures . Short and intense exercise types were applied in the study .

The study examined lipid oxidation (fat burning) in 11 volunteer adults with moderate weight. When the exercises performed at 0 ° C and 21 ° C were compared, it was observed that the exercises performed in the cold environment increased the fat burning up to 358% .

Participants did high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE), at both temperatures: 10 times one-minute cycling at 90% sprint and beyond 90 seconds of 30% cycling cooling period was applied.

“This study is the first known study to investigate the effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise on acute metabolism in cold conditions, but it is the first study to examine postprandial metabolism the next day ,” said researchers from Laurentian University of Canada. .

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“It was observed that high intensity intermittent exercise in a cold environment caused a change in acute metabolism compared to that in the thermoneutral environment. However, the postprandial (satiety) metabolic response of cold stimulation d proved to be less advantageous .

When our bodies are active, they are better able to process nutrients and fat in the blood. In order to control this effect, the body temperature, core body temperature, pulse and oxygen amount to the quadriceps muscles of the volunteers were measured.

Glycemic Response Remained Weak After Breakfast

The day after sports, the blood of the volunteers who ate a high-fat breakfast was examined by looking at the id levels of insulin, glucose and triglycerides , and the rate of lipid oxidation was examined to see the benefits of the previous night.

Immediately after exercise in the cold, lipid oxidation increased by up to 358%, while there was no significant difference in breakfast the next day (postprandial period) . In fact, after exercise in the thermoneutral environment (normal temperature), the glycemic response (change in blood sugar after meals) and after breakfast values ​​improve.

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“While high-intensity intermittent exercise in the cold appears to have acute benefits, postprantiyal metabolic responses appear weaker,” the researchers say.

It is said that it is too early to come to a conclusion in the study as there are very few volunteers involved in the study. Still, it’s an interesting start to see how ambient temperature can affect fat burning.

Exercise is extremely important for reducing the risks of diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and other health and living a healthy life. So the more we learn about how to make exercise more efficient, the more we can learn how to make exercise more beneficial.

Research Published in the Journal of Applied Physiology

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