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’Artificial Heart Pump’ Made For Humans

Our heart, which binds us to life by throwing billions of times in our lives, cannot cope with the crises it experiences in the face of certain situations. Heart pumps allow blood to move in different chambers of the heart during the heartbeat. These pumps are so powerful according to their size that they can send blood fluid to every corner of the body within milliseconds.

But sometimes they get stuck, lose pace or stop. Every year, millions of living and human beings die due to myocardial infarction (heart attack). That’s why scientists have been working for many years to produce artificial heart pumps instead of problematic heart pumps to radically solve this situation. There is a key point for a material that is Artificial to adapt to the human body; these artificial tissues, produced in the desired function through stem cells and no different from its natural one, are also of greater importance than thought for the root solution of a heart attack.

‘Artificial heart pump’produced

The patient’s own cells are used to produce this 3×2 cm artificial pump, which will be inserted into the heart. Cells are developed in a laboratory environment with a rigorous study process and turned into healthy and active novelized muscle tissue. These tissues can also secrete chemicals necessary to make existing heart cells healthier and additionally reproduce.

Scientists involved in the study also conducted some tests on rabbits, and according to their report, as a result of the necessary research and development, these artificial heart pumps will also be available on humans in the next 2 years.

Heart attacks, which usually occur as soon as a blocked artery interrupts the blood flow to the heart muscle, can be minimized thanks to these artificial pumps, which are made possible for use in all living things!

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