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Are We Aware Of The Harm When Using Deodorant?

In our daily lives, the biggest effect left over from busy work is the smell of sweat. These fragrances, which are applied directly to the body, are at the forefront among cosmetic products.

So, what are the downsides that come to the median with the use of deodorant?

Effect on breast cancer: deodorants used for many years can cause various ailments in women over time. At the beginning of them is cancer. Breast cancer is one of the factors caused by using deodorant for a long time in women. In short, it is necessary not to overdo it in its use and not to exceed the necessary amounts.

Risk of skin diseases: these products, which are squeezed into a sweaty body, can cause various skin diseases in some people. Especially fungus is one of the leading skin diseases caused by deodorant. That’s why it’s useful not to use deodorant when you’re sweaty. If it needs to be used, it should be squeezed over clothes. We can say that people with more sensitive skin are more affected by deodorants.

Effect on asthma patients: asthma is one of the common diseases of our time. Asthma cases can often be encountered, especially in young children. Asthma patients are very dangerous to use deodorant. Even the fact that asthma patients are in an environment where deodorant is bored can lead to patients suffering from shortness of breath and sudden developing asthma attacks. Especially in young children, this condition has much more pronounced effects and can lead to more serious conditions.

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Effect on skin cancer: going out in the sun after squeezing these products can cause significant skin problems. Because; deodorant, when combined with the sun’s Rays, leads to various allergies and rashes on the skin. All these factors also increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

The harmful effects of deodorants are not limited to individuals alone. It also causes serious harm to our world, that is, to our nature.

Deodorants dissolve the ozone layer because of the chlorine (Cl) contained in them.

CFC gas (chlorofluorocarbon) contained in deodorants does not break down. It can rise in the atmosphere without merging with other molecules. And because it can reach the ozone layer intact, it breaks down ozone molecules here.

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So what is this CFC? Let’s do it let’s find out:

Chlorofluorocarbon is a gas that falls into the Class of Halocarbon gases. In that case, it is useful to learn in a more general context.

Halocarbon gases: these gases are released into the atmosphere using sprays and coolers in the perfume industry. It converts O3 in the ozone layer of the atmosphere into oxygen (O2) and its derivatives, causing the ozone layer to thin. Thus, since the ozone layer, which holds most of the ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun, is thin, more ultraviolet rays come to earth than necessary, causing various damage to living things and warming on Earth. These gases are also gases that cause global warming by holding the sun’s rays reflected in the atmosphere.

Note: those who are interested in other substances that cause global warming and other causes that cause these substances to be released, and those who want to get more detailed information, can read this article.

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