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How Do Galaxies Die? This Is How The “Head Of Death” Of A Galaxy Was Observed!

In a new paper published on Nature Astronomy, an international team of researchers introduces us to the ID2299 Galaxy. This space entity is forming stars 550 times faster than the Milky Way. But this galaxy is also losing gas at a speed that has not been encountered before. Every year, it sends 10,000 Sun-equivalent stars into intergalactic space.

This loss means that 46 percent of all cold gas in the galaxy is lost. Along with this situation and intense star formation, the Galaxy will have consumed all of its gas in just a few tens of million years. The fact that the Galaxy in question lives only 4.5 billion years after the Big Bang makes this even more impressive.

Lead author Dr, Durham University in the UK and Saclay Centre for Nuclear Research (CEA-Saclay) in France According to Annagrazia Puglisi in a statement, this is our first observation that a typical large star-forming galaxy in the distant universe is about to ‘die’ due to the enormous discharge of cold gas.

The team believes that the cause of this impressive event is a collision with another galaxy. Galaxy mergers often add new life to galaxies as they provide conditions for new gas and dense star formation. This new discovery suggests that the complex dance of gravity could also be deadly, causing gas to be released from the last Galaxy.

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These important observations were made using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter-six layout (ALMA), currently the largest radio telescope on earth, but more observations need to be made. Once again, the team aims to study this galaxy and its gas footprint in more detail using ALMA. In addition, the team hopes to observe Id2299 in visible light with a new generation of tools, such as the Extremely Large Telescope, which is expected to start working in 2025.

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