What Is Eye Pressure?

Glaucoma, popularly known as “Blackwater”, also known as eye pressure, is a common eye disease that usually progresses secretly without symptoms. If left untreated, it can cause permanent vision loss. In glaucoma, the fluid pressure inside the eye is high enough to damage the optic nerve necessary for vision.

A large proportion of patients do not experience any symptoms. In some patients at an early stage, headaches that become apparent in the morning, blurred vision from time to time, the appearance of illuminated rings around lights at night, pain around the eye while watching television, etc. symptoms may occur.By many patients, however, it is noticeable in the Advanced period and when significant vision loss occurs. Glaucoma in family members, diabetes in later ages, myopia, long-term cortisone therapy, eye injuries and migraine increase the risk of glaucoma.

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