The Process Of Embalming Yourself!

At the end of 19th century; process of self-embalming (sokushinbutsu) that was banned at the end of the century. So far, only 24 people have been successful, a method of suicide by Buddhist monks. The process begins by feeding on nuts and kernels for a thousand days and reducing the proportion of fat in the body with excessive exercise. In the next thousand days, the person who feeds on tree shells and roots begins to drink, in addition, a poisonous tea obtained from the urushi tree. In addition to excreting fluids in the body, this tea also allows the body to become too toxic to be eaten by maggots after death.

At the end of this process, the person settles in a lotus position in a tomb slightly larger than his own body, and an air tube and a bell are placed to connect him with the outside. Every day the priest rings the bell to let him know that he is alive. When the bell does not ring, the air tube is pulled and the grave is closed. At the end of a thousand-day waiting process, if successful, the mummified priest is exhumed and displayed in the temple.

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