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Does The Chicken Hatch Or Does The Egg Hatch?

This question points to a mystery that spans thousands of years: all chickens hatch, and all eggs, at least chicken eggs, are produced by chickens. In this case, which came first?

Currently, the perspective of Roosters on this question and this paradox, which is the material for a lot of jokes on issues such as what hatches is a Chick, not a chicken, is actually related to a philosophical issue that we can refer to as the “first cause problem”.

The question is really important! Let’s turn the question into this: if all matter and energy come from matter and energy that came before it, where did the first matter and energy come from? If all living things come from other living things, where did the first living thing come from? If everything in the universe is in the universe, where did the universe come from? As you can see, these are some of humanity’s biggest questions.

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