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What Would Have Happened If The Dinosaurs Hadn’t Disappeared?

What would have happened if dinosaurs hadn’t disappeared or lived to this day? In other words, would it be possible for them to get rid of the asteroid that hit the earth? A lot of questions like these were messing with not only us, but also scientists.

If the asteroid had arrived a few minutes later or earlier, it would have hit deep waters of the Atlantic or Pacific ocean, not shallow waters in the Yucatan region of Mexico. Thus, some of the impact intensity would have been eliminated and the disintegration of sulfur sediations that choked the atmosphere for months, even years, would be limited. As a result, many creatures would be destroyed due to the great tsunami and destruction, but dinosaurs might have had a chance to survive.

Some researchers argue that although the asteroid had not crashed, dinosaurs would have been destroyed due to climate cooling, while some of the dinosaurs had disappeared due to eruptions at the Deccan Plateau volcano in India, but no event would have affected the rest.

If dinosaurs had survived to this day, this abundance of plants would have evolved rapidly, especially the long-necked saropod dinosaur, and began to breed at an early age and their bodies gradually shrink. Some experts predict that evolution in plants will also affect dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs will feed on them due to the increase in flowering plants, and their bodies will shrink because these plants will be easier to digest. With the appearance of flowering plants, the number of fruit-fed dinosaurs would increase rapidly, as fruits would also appear.

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Another issue that experts discuss is the question “Would people have a chance to develop if dinosaurs had survived to this day?”. Some experts agree that the presence of dinosaurs threatens large animals, and says that primates climbing with bats, rodents, small carnivores may have diversified further. And with dinosaurs, humane creatures called hominids could have appeared. Just as our ancestors developed strategies to deal with dangerous large animals, humane creatures could do the same using their intelligence.

Dinosaurs could have survived to this day, but just as mammoths and large creatures be extinct due to the increase in people’s population and their spread, dinosaurs (except for a few species) would be doomed to the same end.

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