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This Is The Earth’s Real Shape

Image Credit: ESA

If our world were a sphere. All right, if every part of the Earth had the same density. Then gravity would be constant wherever we set foot, it wouldn’t change. But that is not the case. Because the solid and hard shell, which plunges about 10 kilometers under the oceans, is about 32 kilometers thick in the region of the continents. So, some areas contain light materials, while others are heavier than them. The reason for this change in density is mobility in the mantle. As a result of all these effects, gravity is felt more strongly in some places than in others.

Get a sphere made of toy dough. Then squeeze the dough well in the palm of your hand. And here is the true form of our world.. New findings were presented in a study conducted to clarify this phenomenon.

The European Space Service’s GOCE* satellite managed to map gravity using remote sensing. Gravity data at every point on earth was collected via satellite. In light of this information, the most accurate and precise gravitational map of the Earth has been produced. In the resulting image, the Earth was proved to have a trapezoidal lumpy shape. Earth’s gravity map, presented in unprecedented detail 4. It was announced at the international GOCE Users Workshop.

The GOCE satellite, which orbits closer than other satellites that observe the Earth, has mapped gravity and displayed the actual geoiti. For example, when the satellite approached the Alps, the mountains pulled the satellite slightly towards them. The scale of such irregularities in the gravitational field has been learned by very precise analysis of the satellite’s orbit. In addition, the GOCE satellite, which carries a gradiometer that measures numerical changes in the magnetic field, has revealed a holistic picture of the Earth.

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Video Credit: ESA

Even when the geoid is relatively constant, the earthquake causes inconspicuous changes in all cases, such as melting polar glaciers and changes in sea level. Although these temporary changes are very small, they can be measured at the millimeter level.

Along with mapping the actual geoite, scientists working on the ocean and climate will have more information. Geoite represents the surface of the optimal global ocean, shaped only by gravity, without tides and currents. This acceptance is a very important resource in measuring ocean currents, sea level change and Glacier mobility, which are highly affected by climate changes.

Excellent GOCE gradiometer data, as we have seen, is constantly coming. As a result, the generated gravitational field sample gets even better after both monthly cycles. Now GOCE data, science and applications are also available for use. Because of this, I am eagerly awaiting the first marine (Oceanographic) results. Data with unprecedented quality and resolution produced by GOCE will show us both the moving topography of the oceans and the current sampling in the oceans. As a result, I am confident that our view of change in the oceans will improve.Reiner Rummel (Technical University Of Munich)

Image Credit: ESA – Geoit. Red and yellow symbolize high gravity, and blue symbolizes low gravity.

As a result of combining Geoit information with Seismology (seismology) and magnetism, the internal structure of our planet will be revealed, and even clarified in earthquake-induced processes. In principle, before an earthquake, the continental and oceanic plates come side by side, or subduction occurs. A fingerprint is considered for Gravity at the moment when an earthquake occurs. After the earthquake, it displaces significant sizes on the plates, resulting in different fingerprints. Comparing gravity measurements taken before and after an earthquake will help seismologists correct the samples they produce, as well as allow a better understanding of the earthquake mechanism.

The GOCE satellite was launched in March 2009. 6 of the business calendar, whose main task is to produce a gravitational map of the Earth. he finished his week. But it will carry out the gravity study until 2012 and continue with more precise measurements in this direction.

  • GOCE
    English. Gravity Field and Steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer
    En. Gravitational field and stable ocean currents Explorer

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