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Why Don’t Some People Get Cold In The Cold? Everything Is Hidden In A Mutation

As winter continues with all its severity in the northern hemisphere, you may have seen some people barely affected by the cold and even enter cold rivers, lying in the snow. According to a recent scientific study, one in 5 people carries a genetic mutation that makes them resistant to cold.

This genetic mutation stops the production of the α-actinin-3 protein, which is important for skeletal novelization. Novo novo protein is found only in fast-drawn white muscle strands, but not in slow-drawn red muscle strands.

In the new study, it was shown that people without α-actinin-3 had more slow-pulling muscles. Therefore, instead of shaking the muscles of people who are not cold, they contract to maintain energy, creating muscle tone.

“This suggests that people suffering from α-actinin-3 deprivation keep their bodies warmer in harsh climates and use energy wisely. Despite this, no direct experimental evidence had been found before. Now we can show that this protein deficiency provides greater resistance to cold. We also found the probable mechanism of this, ” says physiologist Håkan Westerblad.

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The researchers measured novelistic responses by sitting 42 male in cold water at 14°C. In the cold, the wait lasts for 20 minutes, then a decongest for 10 minutes. In total, this process is performed for up to 2 hours.

They Can Maintain Body Temperatures

Participants who kept their body temperature above 35.5°C, that is, 30% had a high α-actinin-3 mutation, while other volunteers, that is, 69%, had no mutation.

So people with this genetic mutation can retain their energy more efficiently in the cold and show more resistance to the cold.

In addition, the team also studied whether this type of mutation on mice increased brown fat cell stores (these cells are heat-producing tissues in mammals). But it seemed that this was not a question of betting.

People who lack the α-actinin-3 protein may be much better at swimming in cold water or in snowy weather, but this mutation can make people more prone to obesity and type 2 diabetes. In other words, people with mutations become open to these diseases if they do not live an active life. Also Nov Nov as we get older, the risks of falling out also increase because the fast-contracting muscle strands control fast muscle movements.

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“This mutation may have given it an evolutionary advantage when migrating to cold climates, but in today’s modern society, the ability to conserve energy can increase the risk of disease, and this is something we should pay attention to,” says Westerblad.

In previous research, α-actinin-3 deficiency was shown to increase in people moving from temperate places to cold climates. Yet how this mutation affects births and infant deaths is unknown.

It’s also quite interesting that this lack of protein is not present in explosive and durable athletes, such as 100-meter runners, and vice versa in sports that require endurance.

In future research, scientists are keen to gain insight into how this mutation works at the molecular level and how it may affect novelties.

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The discovery of this mutation is very important.

“These findings provide the mechanism for the increase in gene variant frequency of modern humans migrating from Africa to cold climates in central and Northern Europe,” the researchers say.

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