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What Will People Look Like In 100 Years?

We began to have all the tools to evolve ourselves. We can evolve bacteria, we can evolve plants and animals. Now we have reached a point where we have to ask the question, Do we want to evolve humanity and is it ethical?

Addressing this important question in his speech, Mexican-American academic, businessman, author and speaker Juan Enriquez talks about the prosthetics of the past, present and future.

And why would you want to do that? Why do we really want to transform the human body?

Enriquez explains: our answer lies in Lord Rees, the royal astronomer of Great Britain. One of his favorite words is: “the universe is one hundred percent evil.”What does this mean? This means that if you put your body anywhere in the universe or anywhere in space, you will die. You’ll die in the sun.

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You die on the surface of mercury. You’ll die next to a supernova. Fortunately, this can only happen with an 80% probability. As a great physicist has said before, there are small swirls of biology that create order within this rapid flow of entropy. So as the universe dissipated energy, these little vortices created the biological order. The problem with these vortices is that they tend to disappear. They’re moving, moving in Rivers.

So when it changes in a vortex, the earth turns into a snowball when it’s very hot when an asteroid hits the Earth when supervolkan when it bursts, solar flares experiences when the next choice as equivalent potential when you are experiencing the events, are more likely to occur periodically destruction. This has happened to the world five times, by the way. Because of this, one day it is likely that the human species will disappear completely from the world. Maybe not a week later, not a month later, maybe in November, however, 10 thousand years later. When you think about the consequences of this, if you believe in these periodic, natural and ordinary extinctions, it becomes a moral obligation to change our species.

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