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What To Do To Protect Your Eye Health

Those who constantly work at the computer or live a student life often complain of problems such as dry eyes, eye watering, eye burning, difficulty focusing, light sensitivity and double vision. As a result of the pandemic, most people turned to watching TV series or movies from mobile devices such as computers and tablets to spend time at home outside of work. As a result of the combination of responsibilities and leisure activities, a large proportion also have doubts about eye health. In this article, we have written what you need to do to protect your eye health for you.

Blink Your Eyes Consciously

During the day, when mobile devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones are constantly looked at, our number of blinks may involuntarily fall below the ideal number value. The act of blinking, which is a body movement that we perform reflexively, may increase the likelihood that you will encounter various problems, such as dry eyes or tears, if it is not done enough. Therefore, you should be careful to open and close your eyes consciously while reading books alongside mobile devices.

Follow Rule 20/20/20

In order to relieve your digital eye strain and prevent your eye health from being affected by mobile devices or other activities, we recommend that you take the action referred to as 20/20/20. To comply with the 20/20/20 rule, you must first focus on any object about 20 meters away for 20 seconds at 20 minute intervals, taking a break while completing a job or spending time on your mobile devices. The object to focus on can be an ornament or a wall. In addition, applying this rule while you are out may be more supportive of protecting your eye health.

Do Eye Massage Regularly

Just as we are looking for someone who can massage us when we suffer from back or back pain, we should think the same way about our eyes. As a result of applying the correct eye massage techniques, the eyelid channels remain in the opening where they should be, and these channels can secrete the necessary amount of tear film. At the time when enough tears are secreted, the humidity that your eyes need is captured. Therefore, by learning different eye massage techniques from various sources, you should apply these methods to your eye area in 5-minute sessions, 4-5 times a day.

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Stay Away From The Breezes

Being in an environment where air circulation is intense greatly increases the likelihood that you will encounter dry eyes. Therefore, you should not sit in front of the air conditioner and avoid the breezes. Weather events such as wind are also included in the breezes. If the air flow is quite high in your location and you have an obligation not to leave this area, you should take care to protect your eyes with a tool such as glasses or visors.

Do Not Use Cosmetics Products

It is useful to remind that avoiding the cosmetics products often found in cosmetics is of great importance for eye health. If you are a frequent makeup user, you should do the necessary research not to buy makeup materials that contain preservatives, because these types of substances can disrupt the moisture balance of the eyes, as well as lead to excessive watering in the eye. In addition, you should never contact your eyes without checking the expiration dates of eye drops that you decide to use to moisturize your eyes.

Note The Distance Between You and Your Computer

Another factor that you should pay attention to to protect your eye health is the distance between you and your computer. The closer you look at your computer screen, the more energy your eyes have to expend, and in this case you may experience dry eyes or eye fatigue. Therefore, the distance between you and your desk should be between 40-50 centimeters. In addition, the distance between you and your computer should also be in the range of 60-70 centimeters, and you should keep your computer’s screen at least 20 centimeters below eye level.

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