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What Is The Concept Of Dejavu?

Today, we are exploring the concept of dejavu, which is one of the indispensable themes of science fiction films and is often seen among the public as a supporter of the idea of reincarnation. Déjà vu, which passes from the French word “déjà vu” to our language without much change, is defined as seeing or feeling that you have seen or experienced something before. So, what is déjà vu really, based on explanations based on scientific foundations, some of which are products of popular culture? Let’s all learn the answers together.

Although this concept, which almost all people on earth experience at least once in their lives, has existed for many years in history, it was first named by a psychologist in 1928 and takes its place in the literature. From this date, both the human brain and memory are closely monitored, and research on how our brain works begins. As a result of all this research, a logical explanation can be reached as to why déjà vu occurs. So much so that according to this result, dejavu is caused by a short-term ‘error’ in the connection of the frontal and frontal lobe in our brain, that is, the wrong firing of neurons. The Frontal lobe is the part of our brain related to memory and memory, and the anterior lobe is involved in processes such as decision making. And when we feel that we have experienced or seen anything before, the neurons in our brain are momentarily misfired, and we come to the wrong conclusion that we have experienced this moment before. Although this is one of the most scientific and valid explanations at the moment, there are many different and interesting theories about why the feeling of déjà vu occurs, which are;

You’re Not Paying Enough Attention

According to the results of research, people are much more likely to experience a sense of déjà vu when they are absent-minded or unable to gather their attention. The reason is that when you’re distracted, your perception is divided between more than one thing. So let’s say you spend all day working at the computer at the table, but that day you are so distracted that you can’t get your attention, and at that moment you take a moment’s look with the tip of your eye because something else has redistributed your attention. At moments like this, your perception can quickly divide, and you can feel déjà vu. But when you stand calmly and try to focus, you will realize that this is just a kind of contemplation.

You’ve Really Had Similar Experiences

Recent research by neuroscientists shows that our memories and space also have an effect on our sense of déjà vu. So the reason we experience a sense of déjà vu may be connected to the same or similar memories and places that we actually lived in in the past but forgot that we lived. For example, imagine that when you were little, you liked to play in the park, so you went to the park almost every day and spent a lot of time there. As you grow up and over the years, you probably gradually start to forget about these memories and most of the parks you went to. But one day, when you see another park organized just like it, even though it’s not one of the parks you’ve been to before, your mind makes a connection with that moment you don’t remember, and you suddenly feel déjà vu.

You May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep

If you’ve been getting too tired lately and you’ve had a lot more sense of déjà vu than is normal for you, we can say that you’re quite likely to be sleepless. Because factors such as stress, fatigue and excessive travel are also factors that trigger more frequent feeling of déjà vu. Although it is not yet clear why factors such as fatigue and stress trigger the feeling of déjà vu, it is also believed that fatigue in our brain can cause neurons to fire incorrectly momentarily.

Could Be A Sign Of Epilepsy

As normal and acceptable as the occasional feeling of decjavu is, if this feeling becomes much longer and more repetitive, something may be wrong with your brain. One of the symptoms of epilepsy, which develops due to impaired brain function, is long-term feelings of déjà vu. But to be able to say that the feeling of déjà vu you experience is related to epilepsy, you also need to show many other symptoms of the disease, so you definitely don’t have to be afraid of every déjà vu you experience.

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