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What Has Changed In Human History With The Discovery Of Fire?

Fire is among the most important inventions that have been at the forefront of the development of civilizations from the past to the present. Do you know when the fire, which is considered a turning point in human history, was found and what it affected? Let’s go on a little journey from past to present about what fire has changed in our lives.

We know that from the day mankind began to live on earth, many situations and many inventions discovered have important effects on the fate of humanity. Just like the discovery of the wheel, the invention of writing, the discovery of the internet, we can say that another invention that caused humanity to jump the age is the discovery of fire. In fact, human beings have known fire since time immemorial. It is known that people who come face to face with fire in many natural events, such as fires that occur when lightning strikes, lava that erupts when volcanoes erupt, try not to light a fire for a long time, but to maintain and extinguish the burning fire.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information at this time as to when the fire was first definitively brought under control. But there is some possible information, of course. Although primitive people called “Peking Man”, a species of Homo erectus that lived about 750 thousand years ago, are thought to have consciously used fire, later evidence found in Kenya and South Africa shows that hominids consciously used fire 1.42 million years ago. Research says that the first fire burned was obtained by friction. Later, things like lighter stones, concave lenses, mirrors follow this to the present day.

Although fire has been in life since the existence of the world, it makes a great contribution to the life of humanity after its domestication. First, it allows the human race, which is more vulnerable before fire is found, to strengthen despite the harsh conditions of life. They begin to use fire as a weapon against all dangers from the outside world. Fire at the entrance to a cave or stone-encrusted shelter allows predators to keep them out of their habitat. Again, thanks to fire, people learn to control their environment. Because of the difficulty of living conditions, it plays an important role in the discovery of cold regions that have never been visited before and the beginning of settled life there.

After that, fire is used for enlightenment and warming, which is one of the most basic needs. In this way, the night and winter seasons, which are seen as an idle period of time, are included in life and a kind of prolonging the life of living people is provided. However, because fire allows the food collected to be cooked and dried, it allows the nutrients hunted for life to be stored for longer. Because cooking also kills parasites and bacteria, it increases the quality of meat eaten, leading to an extended human lifespan. Fire contributes to the consumption of nutrients that are not eaten without cooking, such as legumes.

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And the share of fire in people communicating with each other is quite large. First, because fire is something that is visually noticeable, it allows people to come together and create a communication environment. In addition, as it is known, fire is also used as a communication tool on the basis of communication, which is one of the indispensable ones of today. Fire opens the door to a completely different world with the melting and shaping of Mines. The mining revolution, which began with the construction of war tools, leads humanity on an incredible journey when you consider the points where technology comes today.

Fire, which is considered a simple invention when viewed from afar, can say that its contribution to the existence of the modern world in which we are today is undeniable. It is a great unknown how fire, which is the biggest supporter of man being the most powerful animal in nature, will make a greater contribution to the change of the world…

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