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What are The Harms That Sitting For A Long Time Does to Your Body?

It’s probably best not to read it sitting down. We have a few words that will overwhelm those who work at the computer.

If you’re one of us, you’ve spent at least 80 percent of your day sitting down. Sitting on the bus to work, sitting at the table, sitting at dinner… good, you got the idea. And if you have not lived without the internet for the past 5 years, you will now understand well how bad it was for you.

But even if you think you’ve heard it all before, read this. It helps explain why something seemingly so innocent can trigger such wide-ranging problems, such as cardiovascular disease and sugar:

A recent study of 200,000 people showed that those who sat for 11 or more hours a day could increase their risk of premature death by up to 40 percent when compared to those who sat for 4 or fewer hours a day. As soon as you sit down, the enzymes that help break down fat are reduced by 90 percent, the insulin effect and good cholesterol are cut off, and your blood pressure rises.

The leg muscles are closing and pressure is building on your neck and lumbar bone. With sitting, blood clots form in some places in your brain, and at the same time, your risk of obesity, sugar and cardiovascular disease increases. And your heart is in danger; people with desk jobs are twice as likely to have a heart attack as people with active jobs. Colon and breast cancer has been linked to excessive sitting and sitting for the last three hours.

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