Scientists Created A Monkey-Human Hybrid Embryo!

By injecting human stem cells into primate embryos, US and Chinese scientists were able to grow chimeric embryos for a significant period of time (up to 20 days). A” mixed ” organism like this is also known as a chimeric or interspecies Chimera. Genetic chimera, or chimerism, is called a single organism consisting of cells taken from different species and containing two sets of DNA.

Although the research raises moral concerns, it has the potential to provide new definitions of Developmental Biology and evolution. The study could also have implications for the development of new models for human biology and diseases.

Izpisua Belmonte “ ” the creation of a chimera between human and non-human primates will allow us to better determine whether there are obstacles imposed by evolution in Chimera production and whether there are tools we can overcome. Because non-human primates are closer to humans in the evolutionary timeline than any species previously used.”

Chiara Raisa
Chiara writes about biology and evolution, among other science topics. She holds degrees in neuroscience and dance from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When she's not writing, she's probably taking photos or thinking and talking with her friends about philosophy.

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