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Mysterious Organism With 720 Different Genders That Can Learn: The Blob

Credit: Reuters

“Blob” is no mushroom, no animal, no plant! We study this bizarre organism, which has 720 different sexes and the ability to learn.

Recently, a zoo in Paris announced to the world that a single-celled and highly mysterious creature that looks like a mushroom when viewed from the outside, but can behave like an animal, has opened a pancake. Bruno David, director of the Paris Museum of Natural History, to which the zoo is attached, said that they are sure that this creature is not a plant, but they have not yet been able to definitively say whether it is an animal or a fungus.

A blob that does not have any limbs, such as a leg and arm, can progress exactly 4 cm per hour and complete itself by renewing it in two minutes if it splits in half. Although it does not have eyes, mouth and stomach, it can detect and consume nutrients. It also has 720 sexes.

This unidentified creature was named after the 1958 science-fiction film The Blob. The Film is about a creature that destroys everything that stands in its way.

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Researchers conducted a maze experiment to measure the learning capacity of this mysterious organism, which is highly intelligent compared to a single-celled creature. The results were quite surprising because the Blob was able to reach its food by going the shortest path in the maze and providing an exit.

Credit: Reuters

“The Blob hates salt. When we put a salt barrier in front of it, even if there is food behind the obstacle, it does not move towards that obstacle. By developing a new solution to this problem, he finds alternative ways to overcome the salt barrier in front of him and reaches his food. His learning speed is quite high. If we apply the same experiment to two blobs, one instantly transfers what it has learned to the other.”Bruno David-Director Of The Natural History Museum In Paris

A member of the family Myxomycetes/Myxogastria, The Blob is a precursor in the category of runny fungi. But in this form, it is unlikely to be classified as either a fungus or an animal at the moment, because biologists have not yet decided what this organism is.

For now, what the Blob is, according to Bruno David, Director of the Natural History Museum in Paris, “one of nature’s mysterious creatures”, remains a mystery. Researchers note that the blob’s living conditions have become favorable in light-free parts of humid forest land.

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