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Human Species

For about the last 40,000 years, our species, Homo sapiens, is the only Homo species in the world. But for most of our history, we had close evolutionary cousins.

They weren’t exactly like us, but they lived and evolved in different regions over the same time periods. During the process of human evolution, many human species lived simultaneously, shared the same regions, and were also in competition. This is considered common during 6 million years of human evolution after we separated from our common ancestor with the chimpanzee-bonobo, until today, when we as the only human species survive.

And were we alone all the time we existed as a species?

No, as a species of Homo sapiens, we were not alone for most of the time we were on earth. In fact, we still carry in our DNA the genes of other human species with whom we shared the world during the same periods. We once shared the earth with at least six different human species that we were able to identify that lived about 300 thousand years ago.

We all know these are the Neanderthals, which is seen in many parts of the world for a long period of Homo erectus, we do not have much information yet, and we know they dated a few who had surprised everyone by denisovali bone finds from genetic data type naled Homo because of their size, “the hobbit” Homo floresiensis and the nickname of Homo luzonensis in the Philippines, recently discovered type of a field type.

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