Life Full Of Astronomy And Excitement: Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was a Danish nobleman and ophthalmologist. His observations with the naked eye played a critical role in the development of astronomy, and the person who raised Kepler was again Tycho Brahe. He is kidnapped by his uncle when he is only two years old, and when he grows up, he is sent by his uncle to Leipzig to study law. When his uncle dies, he goes to the University of Rostock, where he loses his nose in a duel he enters. Although it is written in various sources that they have false noses of different substances, the general opinion is that they are made of brass, they wear a false nose.

In the following period, he was allocated an island by The King of Denmark and continued his observations from here. In light of these observations, he suggested that the planets revolve around the sun, but the sun revolves around the Earth. It is known in his letters that he fed an elf deer and that this deer fell down a ladder drunk and died. During a visit attended by the king, he was unable to urinate because he could not get up from the table before the King, and then died due to kidney inflammation. He left his entire legacy to Kepler.

Stephanie Green
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