How Long Can A Person Last In Space?

If you are looking at the sun when you take off your clothes, instead of freezing, contrary to popular belief, your skin begins to boil and severe burns occur on your body. Here it is worth giving a little information: since there are very few atoms in Space, heat transfer is transmitted only through radiation (radiation). This method is the slowest method of heat transfer. So while your side facing the sun will burn, it doesn’t happen immediately.

So when you’re exposed to space without clothes, it’s pressure, not temperature or cold, that you should worry about. Because of the low pressure, the bubbles under your skin begin to swell. After about 40 seconds, you will pass out, probably due to panic and lack of oxygen, and you will die in about 2 minutes.

Although you are on the cold side, which does not see the sun, our death will not be excessively fast and can last from 1.5 to 2 minutes. This time, due to the extreme cold, your bodily fluids will start to freeze.

Stephanie Green
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