Farfarout Becomes The Most Distant Object Discovered In The Solar System

Discovered in 2018, the celestial body named Farfarout was confirmed to be the most distant body discovered in the Solar System.

First observed by the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, Farfarout is the most distant object in the Solar System, it has been registered by the International celestial Science Association. It was announced that the object was most likely an asteroid, but also likely to be a dwarf planet.

One of those who made the discovery, Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institute of Science, said they did not know the object’s orbit at the time, with only observations made by the Subaru Telescope in 24 hours.

Farfarout, which is currently 132 astronomical units away from The Sun (1 astronomical unit=distance between Earth and The Sun), will be 175 astronomical units away from the sun when it reaches the farthest point in its orbit.

Stephanie Green
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